Expense Claim Management

Say no more to old school paper receipts and spreadsheets when you can automate manual processes and replace the legacy system with ease and precision by joining with HRTailor. We make business decisions based on actual facts and manage business expenses seamlessly with HRTailor expense claim management system.

HRTailor’s Expense Claim Management streamlines all expense claims applied by the employees. Our Expense Claim Management includes easy submission of Expense Reports, Compliance of Travel Policy, Verification of Expense Claimed, Processing of Reimbursement in Payroll, and safekeeping of Receipts in Unified Cloud Storage.

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Is managing Expense Claim Management major source of stress for your business? Discover how to handle reimbursements using HRTailor

Advantages with HRTailor

Dedicated Online HR Manager

You will receive a Dedicated Online HR Manager from HRTailor specifically for you and your business. 

Organizational Growth​

With HRTailor efficient HR processing, HRTailor will assist you in growing your firm. 

Saving Time

HRTailor will free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on your main tasks. 

Security of AWS

You’ll get AWS security with HRTailor. Data security is something not to be concerned about. 

The Procedure for Managing Reimbursements

Most businesses worldwide rely on traditional systems like spreadsheets, paper invoices, and manual data entry for cost control and spending reports. Unfortunately, these methods become increasingly difficult and costly as businesses grow.


The solution? Our expense claim management system offers innovative features like automated expense reporting, invoice capture, receipt management, streamlined accounts payable (AP) workflows, and secure payment processing – all designed to simplify and expedite your reimbursement process. 

Set Paperwork and Error-Prone Reports Aside.

  • Paperwork is no longer necessary thanks to our Expense Claim Management Automation. 
  • Your staff can use their smartphones to take receipts and upload them straight to the HRTailor Portal when utilizing the HRTailor system for reimbursement. 
  • The management can easily accept or reject their charges after they upload them.

Enhanced Policy Compliance Rates

  • The HRTailor reimbursement system can be tailored to your company’s travel regulations. 
  • Costs that go outside your travel policy are immediately identified and flagged by our system. 
  • Managers and approvers would be informed as soon as a policy is broken.
Expense Claim Management

Avoid Fraud Expenses

  • By using HRTailor’s expense claim management methods, expenditure fraud can be easily stopped. 
  • When a reimbursement cost is reported more than once, we may identify duplicate entries and notify the submitter to either merge or remove the entry. 
  • Enabling a double review procedure can help you optimize transparency by requiring at least one more review to be completed following the initial approver’s assessment before paying for the reimbursement costs. 

The Advantages of Expense Claim Management

Expense Claim Management has a lasting effect on the employee lifecycle in many ways. Software lessens the workload for the HR department. An independent, methodical approach to reimbursement is achievable with HRTailor’s HRMS. 

Faster Employee Claim Reimbursements

Our Expense Claim Management Software processes speedy expense claim compensation for the employee expenses. We have the best Cloud Technology, which removes the headache of managing receipts and invoices manually.

Improve Expense Visibility

In the old way, employees had to handle their expenses by keeping track of receipts and filling out Excel sheets. This caused a lot of problems for the accounts department because it was hard to know whose receipt belonged to whom. Our Expense Claim Management makes things easier. Now, employees can simply upload their receipts directly to the portal. This way, the accounts team can easily keep track of reimbursement claims in real-time.

Reduce Delays and Errors

With the automated expense software HRTailor's Expense Claim Management, eliminates the manual entry as it is no longer necessary. Because our software operates in real time, the accounts and finance department can process reimbursement claims more quickly and accurately.

Increased Compliance

We incorporate our Expense Claim Management System according with the HR policy of your organization. Our five-layer approval process may be adjusted based on spending guidelines, and it can automatically approve or reject reimbursement requests for non-compliant expenses. To save you the trouble of doing it alone, we assist companies in constructing a barrier to save company funds.

A large organization would have multiple branches spread throughout several states. You can set up HR Travel Policies that are relevant for different departments, locations, or employee groups including team leaders, associates, and management using HRTailor’s expense claim management feature. 

Every employee is made sure to be fully prepared for the shift in their workflow with the help of HRTailor’s Expenses Claim Management. 

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