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Every business faces a range of challenges daily, but the hardest are hiring and onboarding new staff. Employee Onboarding is introducing a new hire to the company’s environment and culture. Though some HR managers seem to consider it as nothing more than the paperwork associated with new employees, a more committed and knowledgeable team member may approach it differently. Employee onboarding is the whole process that starts when an offer is made and ends when a candidate starts to make an important contribution to the company. During this time, the foundation of the employer-employee relationship is established.


Companies may make sure that new hires are ready for their roles by using the Digital Employee Onboarding process, which is especially beneficial when the employee is joining a different field. An effective structure is essential since, on average, workers quit their first jobs within the first three months of employment.


Employee Onboarding as a shared responsibility is often seen as standard procedure for all businesses. To make it happen, there must be accountability and actionable tasks. Clearly, without actionable things and accountability, this effort fails. 

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Nobody enjoys drawn-out, complicated procedures. Use HRTailor as

your HR Outsourcing partner for a quick Employee Onboarding process.

Advantages with HRTailor

Dedicated Online HR Manager

You will receive a Dedicated Online HR Manager from HRTailor specifically for you and your business. 

Organizational Growth​

With HRTailor efficient HR processing, HRTailor will assist you in growing your firm. 

Saving Time

HRTailor will free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on your main tasks. 

Security of AWS

You’ll get AWS security with HRTailor. Data security is something not to be concerned about. 

Smooth & Easy Employee Onboarding Process

It is not necessary for the Employee Onboarding process for new hires to be lengthy and drawn out. However, if you want to increase worker retention and decrease turnover, you must be meticulous in the process. Many companies just give the Employee Onboarding process a few weeks or a month’s worth of attention. This increases the risk that new hires will feel alienated from the team and overburdened by their tasks.

To create a positive and fruitful relationship between employer and employee, HRTailor assists you in strengthening your employee relationship. At that point, the procedure officially begins. It involves distributing digital offers and appointment letters. We also include the offer letter and other necessary organizational paperwork for the new hire in the appointment letter.

We ensure that the onboarding process runs successfully for new hires as it acts as their first impression of your company. We also assist them in blending with their coworkers. We’ll give them an unforgettable experience that will assist them get along with their new coworker more quickly in addition to making them feel welcome. 

Full HR Outsourcing

Digital Employee Onboarding Process

  • Introducing a new employee to the firm and its culture is known as Employee Onboarding. 
  • By providing the appropriate information at the right moment, our employee onboarding solution helps workers get off to a great start.
  • Through cloud storage, HRTailor’s Digital Employee Onboarding process ensures that data and documents are securely kept and easily accessible.
  • Employees can also accept employment contracts anytime, anywhere, with any digital device, which reduces paperwork and boosts productivity.
  • With the use of HRTailor’s employee onboarding solution, managing paperwork, contracts, pre-boarding, and data checklists in one location is simple.
  • By giving your applicants outstanding experience, you may increase the possibility that they would accept your offers and work for you longer. Employee onboarding can help you achieve this goal.

Automated Workflows

  • With the help of HRTailor, your Employee Onboarding procedure may be tracked and automated.
  • Employee onboarding lowers administrative expenses and time while establishing a meticulous audit trail for regulatory compliance.
  • In the process, HRTailor offers each organization a customized workflow with the goal of raising worker productivity and engagement.
  • Workflow automation produces reliable data that can be used in all relevant business operations, and it can help speed up tasks and approvals.
  • HRTailor provides mass onboarding, customized workflows, and the generation of statutory documents to assist with your onboarding process.
Employee onboarding
Configurable Journey

Adaptable Journeys

  • You will have a Dedicated Online HR Manager assigned to you by HRTailor. We are aware of how challenging, tedious and time-consuming the employee onboarding process can be. Our user-friendly HRM Solution simplifies and improves the process.
  • You can contact us by phone or email if you or your staff have any questions. We’ll assist when we can and get back to you quickly!
  • We’ll respond to your inquiries as soon as possible to facilitate Employee Onboarding. We want to be certain that we address your inquiry in the most appropriate way.
  • With HRTailor, the employee onboarding process will be quicker and simpler than ever, improving the employee experience. 

The Advantages of HRTailor's Employee Onboarding Service

Employee Onboarding has a lasting effect on employee lifetime in many ways. Software reduces the workload for the HR department. HRTailor’s Employee Onboarding software enables an independent, systematic approach to the process, such as mailing


  • Email introductions
  • Collecting information about new hires via form fills.
  • Giving electronic signatures and verifications to new hires as part of the onboarding process.

A carefully considered, automated approach leaves a prospect with a lasting impression that will help with staff retention. HR will have more time to provide excellent Employee Onboarding experience after all operational tasks are finished. 


When it comes to selecting the best candidates, the employee onboarding process is essential. The Onboarding software from HRTailor automates every procedure. To make the process simpler and easier, software automates various operations, such as building the employee profile and automating workflow, and combines them onto a single platform.

Retention of Employees

With the correct information, mindset, and abilities, Employee Onboarding can make a difference in a high employee turnover firm. The quick Employee Onboarding process offered by HRTailor will improve your experience. It allows employees to spend more time with their teammates and develop a deeper personal bond with the business.

Increasing Productivity

The HRTailor Smooth Employee Onboarding Process eliminates the need for new hires to spend time on manual Tasks and Paperwork. They become used to their role far sooner as a result. Simultaneously, it speeds up the organization's goal-achieving process and boosts overall productivity.

Simplified Procedure

Managing the transition period and creating the best possible onboarding experience for a new hire are the most crucial aspects of employee onboarding. It facilitates the hiring process and makes it easier for new employee to feel welcome at their new company by contacting them instantly.

Increasing employee Productivity and Retention requires effective Employee Onboarding. Effective Employee Onboarding procedures are being invested in by HR Departments worldwide to increase employee engagement and turn an inactive workforce into an active one. The employee onboarding procedure offered by HRTailor guarantees that every employee is ready for the change in their workflow.

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