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Every organization faces many challenges on a daily basis but nothing is more intense than recruitment and employee onboarding. Hiring a candidate is the process of introducing new client to the organisation’s culture and environment. We at HRTailor will assist you in Digital Onboarding of employees which will save your time and make your work easy.

Onboarding period is the foundation where the employer-employee relationship is being laid and we at HRTailor helps you to strengthen that relationship in a better way. This process includes of giving out digital offer and appointment letter and from that moment the onboarding process starts. We at HRTailor make sure that the onboarding process is made smoothly because that will be the first impression to the new employees about your organization and we make sure this first impression worth. We will provide with a memorable onboarding experience that not only will make the employees feel welcome but also helps them comfortable with the organization family faster.

The digital onboarding process is easy and makes the work easier at both the ends.

Advantages With HRTailor

Online HR Manager

HRTailor will give you a dedicated online HR Manager just for you & your company.

Organizational Growth

HRTailor will help you increasing in organizational growth.

Time Saving

HRTailor will save your precious time so that you can focus on core activity.

Security Of AWS

HRTailor will give you the security of AWS. No need to worry about data security.



  • We provide end – to – end encrypted online forms to collect personal & sensitive information from candidates.
  • The documents & data are securely stored in cloud storage so that they can be accessed & retrieve easily.
  • We make sure that no sensitive information of employees are kept longer than necessary.
  • Candidates can read onboarding material easily.
  • They can sign in employment contracts at any time, with any digital devices.


  • We generate statutory documents for your company.
  • We do bulk onboarding for your organisation.
  • There will be custom workflow for every organisation.
  • HRTailor’s effective onboarding methodology not only makes it easier to meet regulatory demands, but also can deliver a range of benefits.
  • Our right advice and leading-edge onboarding technology are both key to creating an effective compliance programme that is able to develop and change over time in the same way that business relationships change and evolve.
Automated Workflow
Configurable Journey


  • HRTailor will provide customized  welcome pages.
  • We’ll assign a dedicated online HR Manager just for you.
  • If you or your employees have any queries you can just call or mail us.
  • After receiving your queries, we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.
  • Onboarding journey will become faster and easier than ever.