Statutory Compliance Services

Statutory Compliance Services are a set of legal requirements that must be followed by all businesses. It might be difficult to keep up with the most recent regulations; that’s why HRTailor is here to assist you with these legalities through Our Statutory compliance Services. HRTailor Statutory Compliance Services is knowledgeable about the several labor laws that businesses are bound by. 


When it comes to statutory compliance, there are rules that need to be observed. These include those regarding income tax, TDS, PF, ESI, PT, and more. It highlights that the organization has a top-notch team handling tax calculations and that accurate comprehension of the relevant rules and regulations is necessary. 

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Advantages with HRTailor

Dedicated Online HR Manager

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Organizational Growth​

With HRTailor efficient HR processing, HRTailor will assist you in growing your firm. 

Saving Time

HRTailor will free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on your main tasks. 

Security of AWS

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Statutory Compliance Services

Rules and regulations must be followed by all sizes of organizations, or else they may be subject to legal action. Statutory Compliance Services can simplify the time- and money-consuming process of remaining compliant. All parties concerned gain from these Statutory Compliance services, which guarantee the wellbeing and safety of the company, employees, and employers.


Paying employees as quickly as possible is essential for firms to guarantee that workers receive fair treatment and their paychecks on time. It also guarantees that workers have well-maintained and comfortable working environments. With our Statutory Compliance Services, the business is protected from penalties and legal action. HRTailor can offer advice to any HR Staff members that are currently employed by your firm. 


Audit for HR Compliance

  • Reviewing your work packages, health and safety policies, regulations, and business incentives is HRTailor’s area of expertise as a Statutory Compliance Services provider. 
  • We will lower your risk of fines or penalties while assisting you in understanding what’s necessary by law to ensure compliance. 
  • Enhancing communication between staff and management is one of the benefits of using HRTailor Statutory Compliance Services. 
  • The Statutory Compliance Services provided by HRTailor will help in monitoring the company’s development. 

Compliance Management

  • Following the letter of the law is no longer sufficient in today’s environment. You must stick to all applicable legal obligations. Because Statutory Compliance Services are more dependable and effective for them, businesses are choosing them.
  • With the help of our statutory compliance services, HRTailor can assist you in maintaining compliance with all applicable laws. With the aid of our Statutory Compliance Services, you can determine the statutory responsibilities of your business and we’ll handle payment challan preparation.
  • HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services will take care of your statutory records, registration, format, and other things that are needed by different Acts. Additionally, our team will oversee the compliance management program at your business.
  • With the help of HRTailor’s statutory compliance services, all the risks are effectively managed. 
Full HR Outsourcing

Statutory Compliance Services: Advice and Liaison

  • To make sure that your business complies with all applicable rules and regulations, such as the Immigration and Employment Act, the Fair Work Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, and others, we offer statutory compliance services. 
  • HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services will help you overcome obstacles by promoting positive connections between professionals and employees, as well as detect communication and coordination problems inside your firm. 
  • As part of our Statutory Compliance Services, we also help managers and staff communicate openly by offering guidance on preventative steps to guarantee employee satisfaction and reduce future liability risks related to employee-related issues. 

Advantages of Statutory Compliance Services Provided by HRTailor

It’s not like an employee can only take advantage of a supportive work environment, chances for professional growth, and equitable treatment if their employer follows the law. The following are the additional benefits of using Statutory Compliance Services: 


  • Provident Fund Compliance: Using the management bands or employee wage ranges included in HRTailor’s Payroll software and Statutory Compliance Services, you may set up your provident fund laws. 
  • ESI Compliance: Assign your full-time and hourly employees’ ESI applications and computation criteria by using HRTailor’s Payroll & Statutory Compliance Services. 
  • Professional Tax Compliance: The documentation and calculations for Professional Taxes vary by state. With HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services, all of these modifications are simple to complete. 
  • It creates state-specific compliance documents and automatically subtracts Professional Tax. 
  • Income Tax Compliance: HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services creates digital TDS filing statements and challans for you to submit, automatically breaking down your deductions and allowances. 
  • Labor Welfare Fund: Several states require that contributions be made to labor welfare funds. With HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services, you can get help automatically calculating the various computations and filing needs for every state. 
  • Adjustments for Tax Deductions: HRTailor’s Statutory Compliance Services makes sure that deductions correspond to the current financial year. As a result, your workers can continue to be compliant and earn the maximum take-home pay. 

Precise and Digital Calculations

HRTailor is skilled in the calculation of these taxes. Every quarter, the IT department requires that you submit the returns in the approved electronic format. HRTailor Statutory Compliance Services takes care of everything automatically. Our Statutory Compliance Services do every calculation for PF, Tax, TDS, LWF, and other amounts automatically.

Increased Productivity

It's crucial for workers to feel appreciated for several reasons. To begin with, effective employees are more likely to feel valued. Second, when a company follows the legal requirements for the welfare and well-being of its employee's, valued workers are more likely to stay with the company. HRTailor's Statutory Compliance Services can boost a business's output and staff retention.

Regularly Statutorily Updated

Government rules are always changing, which makes it challenging for firms to stay current. Statutory Compliance Services assist Businesses in remaining current with all applicable rules and regulations. The business may benefit from this in any commercial discussions. Stay informed with HRTailor's Statutory Compliance Services.

Legally Compliant

Businesses may face a variety of consequences for breaking government regulations, such as fines, jail time, license suspension, and even shutdown. With the help of HRTailor's Statutory Compliance Services, businesses may free up more resources to invest in business expansion by removing all risks and liabilities.

Legal observance Services are a vital component of your organization. It guarantees that employees receive timely payment and equal treatment. It also guarantees that workers have well-maintained and comfortable working environments. 

The Statutory Compliance Services from HRTailor assist you in managing your workforce by ensuring that they receive their rightful benefits, have a comfortable place of employment, and are paid on schedule. 

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