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HRTailor’s Full HR Outsourcing Services excel in helping businesses in achieving their goals.

Although it has been possible for decades, working from a location other than a corporate office is becoming more frequent. The services provided by different professional groups are also performed virtually. Full HR Outsourcing Services is one significant example. It just indicates that the Services provided by Human Resource managers are Outsourced. Onboarding new employees, tracking workflow, collecting reports, updating corporate policies, and other tasks are all included in Full HR Outsourcing Services. Like any other professional, a human resource manager can work and do business online. The fact that there are no time constraints on the task is one of the main benefits of Full HR Outsourcing services. HR can only function within specific hours when working offline, but when working virtually, workers would no longer need to schedule a meeting to talk about benefits.


For businesses without enough employees to manage every task involved in running a business, HRTailor offers Full HR Outsourcing Services. We offer payroll processing, employee onboarding, performance reviews, training programs and other functions under Full HR Outsourcing Services. Saving time and money is one of the main advantages of using Full HR Outsourcing Services. Tasks like writing job descriptions, holding interviews, and keeping track of employees’ records are no longer your job. Thus, you can concentrate on other important aspects of managing your business. 

Benefits Of Full HR Outsourcing Services

Full HR Outsourcing, where a company hands over all its human resources functions to a third-party provider, 

can offer several benefits, especially for smaller and medium-sized businesses. Here are some of the key advantages: 

Cost Saving

  • Reduced overhead cost
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Pay only for what you need

Increased efficiency and expertise

  • Access to HR specialists
  • Cloud Based HRMS
  • Stay compliant

Focus on core business

  • Free up management time
  • Improve employee experience
  • Scalability

Our Full HR Outsourcing Services Includes

Full HR Outsourcing

Onboarding of Employees

Every firm deals with various difficulties regularly, but hiring and onboarding new employees provides the greatest obstacles. The process of introducing a new employee to the company’s surroundings and culture is known as Onboarding. In addition to Full HR Outsourcing Services, HRTailor offers an Online HR Manager to help with Digital Employee Onboarding, saving you time and simplifying your business. At HRTailor, we think that outsourcing your HR department is the best way to manage it. We provide time and money-saving online Full HR Outsourcing services. providing your HR department with the appropriate technologies will enable you to monitor employee performance, stay ahead of workplace developments, and handle payroll. 

Payroll Processing

With HRTailor’s Full HR Outsourcing Services, you can cut down on payroll processing time because all transactions are digital, and no paperwork is needed. The extremely accurate HRTailor software guarantees error-free payroll administration every time, assisting you in fast and efficient payroll processing each month. With the use of our Full HR Outsourcing Services, a payroll service can help you create pay slips without difficulty or complication from a lack of paperwork. Since everything is digital and no paperwork is needed, Full HR Outsourcing Services can help shorten the time it takes to process payroll. You can save time and money on your HR process by using Full HR Outsourcing Services. Payroll outsourcing company HRTailor lowers payroll expenses for both large and small enterprises. 

Statutory Compliance Services

Statutory Compliance Management

Because it guarantees fair pay and reasonable working hours, statutory compliance is crucial and required for all organizations. Because HRTailor’s HR Outsourcing Services are up to date on all HR laws and acts, no matter how frequently they change, practicing statutory compliance has become easier. Statutory compliance improves employee satisfaction and productivity by creating a pleasant work environment. By offering precise and timely payroll records, making sure that all payments are received on time, regularly reviewing employee contracts, and making sure that all employee benefits are correctly administered, HRTailor may assist firms in meeting legal obligations. The Full HR Outsourcing Services provided by HRTailor also assist in monitoring all laws and regulations related to statutory compliance. 

Expense Claim Management

For security purposes, every expense receipt is kept in a single cloud storage location. Capturing and reporting expenses is part of expense management, which might also entail filing reimbursement claims, accepting or rejecting those claims, scheduling the claims for payment, and paying the employee back. Even though these tasks may take up a lot of your valuable time, HRTailor’s Full HR Outsourcing Services can now handle expense claims more quickly and easily since we employ the latest technology available. Additionally, you will save time and money thanks to our proficiency in the Full HR Outsourcing Services industry. With the Full HR Outsourcing Services from HRTailor, you can also set up and enforce guidelines for expense claims. This will assist you in monitoring employee spending and guaranteeing the timeliness and accuracy of all claims. This can assist you in monitoring staff expenditure and developing more efficient budgeting plans. 

Expense Claim Management
Employee Exit Management

Employee Exit Management

There are many procedures a business must follow when an employee resigns or gets terminated to properly end the working relationship between the company and the employee. We call this procedure “exit management.” All these services are expertly provided by HRTailor’s Full HR Outsourcing Services. One of the most crucial decisions a company must make is on exit procedures, and we at HRTailor are ready to support you with these delicate matters. We at HRTailor are aware of the importance of exit management as well as numerous components connected to it. We offer Full HR Outsourcing Services to assist you in effectively managing these procedures. Our Full HR Outsourcing Services team of experts can assist you at every stage of the exit management procedure and make sure it is finished smoothly. You can be confident that your exit management process is handled in the most effective and polished manner by using HRTailor’s HR Outsourcing Services. 

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