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Every company has to follow a set of legal frameworks within their organization, in the treatment of their employees. These legal formalities are known as Statutory Compliance. There are hundreds of federal and state laws in India that the companies need to align with and the list is forever being added to. Keeping a track on the latest regulations can be difficult overwhelming, thus HRTailor is here to help you out with these legalities. HRTailor is well versed about various labour regulations that a company needs to follow. Missing out the Compliance can attract huge Penalties and Criminal Offence.

There are a set of regulations under Statutory Compliance that cannot be avoided such as Income tax and TDS, Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax (PT), Labour Welfare Fund, Minimum Wages, Apprentices Act etc. Calculating the amount of tax that has to be deducted from an employee’s salary needs proper understanding about the rules. HRTailor have an expertise in calculating these taxes. We have an excellent team who looks after all the laws and regulations that are mandatory.

 HRTailor is an ideal solution for businesses that believe in the power of staying focused on their core competencies, while remaining legally compliant.

Advantages With HRTailor

Online HR Manager

HRTailor will give you a dedicated online HR Manager just for you & your company.

Organizational Growth

HRTailor will help you increasing in organizational growth.

Time Saving

HRTailor will save your precious time so that you can focus on core activity.

Security Of AWS

HRTailor will give you the security of AWS. No need to worry about data security.



  • We at HRTailor review your business incentives, rules & guidelines, health/safety, and work packages.  
  • For e.g. Employee Incentives, Income, Relations, Safety, Business Handbook, HR Rules, Fair Labour, Standards Act, Income Distribution, & Attendance, etc. 
  • In HRTailor there will be vetting session with the employees  as well as with important people of your company.


  • HRTailor will do statutory liability calculation & preparation of payment challans on behalf of your company.
  • HRTailor will maintain your statutory records, register, format, etc. prescribed under various Acts.
  • HRTailor will oversee your company’s compliance management programme and identify any hidden risks the company may face.


  • HRTailor will identify issues in communication and coordination within the company or organisation and create solutions for overcoming challenges
  • HRTailor will foster healthy relationships between professionals and employees in your company by facilitating transparent communication.
  • HRTailor will advise you on proactive measures to ensure employee satisfaction so that you mitigate future risks of liability concerning employee issues.
  • If your company already has an HR staff member in place, the HRTailor can advise him/her on HR functions that will sustain employee engagement and productivity.