Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

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What is Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

An Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a third-party organization that is responsible for the employment and payroll administration of a company’s workers, who are referred to as “contract” employees. The EOR assumes the legal responsibilities and liabilities of the employment relationship, including compliance with labor laws, payroll and tax withholding, and employee benefits.

The company that contracts with the PEO is known as the “client company,” and the workers are considered to be employees of the PEO, rather than the client company. This arrangement allows the client company to outsource certain HR functions and responsibilities, while retaining control over the work performed by the leased employees.

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Employer of Record Clients

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Employer of Record Clients
  • HRTailor takes on the role of legal employer for your employees and assumes all employer responsibilities, including onboarding, payroll, insurance, compliance, and taxation, on behalf of your company.
  • HRTailor helps the expansion of global businesses into India in a smooth and cost-effective manner.
  • As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), HRTailor has the expertise, capabilities, and connections to handle talent acquisition, HR services, statutory compliance, and infrastructural support, allowing you to concentrate on core business matters.
  • Whether you’re planning to expand to India with your own team, hire local talent, or set up a new company, to make the process seamless and successful, HRTailor can assist you in each & every stage of your business.

What can we offer?

  • Onboarding to Exit Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Expense Claim Management

  • Talent Acquisition (Hiring)

  • Compliance Management

  • IT/ Infrastructure Support

  • HR Advisory

  • Employee Taxation

  • HRMS

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Why choose HRTailor?

Global Presence

We have global presence & we are serving clients from more than 20+ Countries.

Dedicated HR Team

Our Operation is supported by Dedicated HR Team who support your employees by resolving their HR queries throughout their Lifecycle Stage.

100% Compliance

We have created a reputation for delivering 100% Statutory Compliance.

User Friendly HRMS

We have the best technology of HRMS available for supporting the operations of our clients who are operating from outside India.

HR Expertise​

We are a leading HR Service Provider in India by employing over 10000+ Employees in 100+ Locations PAN India.

Support in Setup

We support our clients in setting up their company in India with necessary Registrations, IT & Infrastructure.

Our Clientele


“As a small business, we don’t have the resource to handle all the HR tasks that come with hiring and managing employees. Partnering with an HRTailor has allowed us to focus on growing our business while still being able to retaining the top talent.”



“We have found that using HRTailor’s employer of record for some of our contractors has increased retention rates and overall satisfaction. The contractors feel supported and valued and it has had a positive impact on our business.”


BEID Healthcare

“We have been using HRTailor’s EOR/ PEO Service for several years now & it has been a game-changer for our business. It has allowed us to bring on talented contractors & freelancers without having to worry about the administrative burden of HR tasks. The process is seamless & our contractors feel supported and valued.”


Kushmanda Tech


Yes, you can transfer the employees under HRTailor’s Payroll while you are operating from outside India through our EOR/ PEO Services. 

Yes, your employees will get access to HRMS Software where they can mark attendance, leaves & expenses. To ensure smooth operation for your business. 

Yes, when an employee is placed under HRTailor’s Payroll they will receive the compliance benefits such as Provident Fund & Employee State Insurance. 

HRTailor has tie-ups with a few companies that can assist you in easy hardware purchases.  

Yes, HRTailor has tie-ups with Co-Working Space and leasing agencies who can easily help you find the perfect corporate space for your company. 

Yes, HRTailor can support Company Registrations & help you avail compliance registrations as well which are required for a company, according to the applicable State Law. 

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