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Payroll is not an easy work for any organisation, it can be a big headache sometime. Due to all those works payroll mistakes can happen faster than you think. And think about the employees whose only source of income is their monthly salary. Just imagine how it feels when the salary is not paid accurately or delay in releasing salary. Such irregularities can affect the business productivity.

While ensuring timely payment of salary is important, sticking to different laws & regulations such as PF, ESIC, labour laws & statutory compliance is also important. By not paying attention or with a slight mistakes can attract serious legal & financial consequences

With HRTailor, we make sure that your employees are happy and you are law compliant. We as an expert in this field have proper understanding of what employee payroll management system exactly is and how to manage it effectively.

HRTailor will help reducing your payroll processing time since no paperwork is required and everything is digital. HRTailor software is highly accurate to ensure seamless payroll management every time with zero errors, helping you in timely and smooth payroll processing every month. We help you optimize salary structures along with hassle free payslip generation without all the messy paperwork.

Advantages With HRTailor

Online HR Manager

HRTailor will give you a dedicated online HR Manager just for you & your company.

Organizational Growth

HRTailor will help you increasing in organizational growth.

Time Saving

HRTailor will save your precious time so that you can focus on core activity.

Security Of AWS

HRTailor will give you the security of AWS. No need to worry about data security.



  • HRTailor will manage your attendance & after  the confirmation we will move to next process.
  • We will create salary sheet &  give it to you.
  • After the confirmation we will upload the salary slip for your employee.
  • With that we also calculate compliance.


  • Your employee can mark the attendance from the portal it self.
  • They can apply for leave, how many leaves are left & days they have worked.
  • They can view or download their Payslips with just one click.
  • They can view or download all the documents uploaded during the time of induction process from wherever, whenever or whatever device they use.
  • For managers they get the admin access so that they can accept or deny attendance requests or any expense request. 
Employee Self Service
Stat. Compliance


  • There are compliances like PF & ESIC.
  • HRTailor always starts with the risk assessment which is very important.
  • We ensure every employee feels free to speak so that there should be no doubt about anything.
  • As the time changes we update our compliance efforts.