An HR Audit is an objective examination of your businesses HR policies, practices, and procedures.

HRTailor's goal is to look for trouble spots and identify ways your company can improve.

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HR Auditing has become a mandatory practice so as to keep both the employer and the employees risk free. HR Laws and acts fluctuate constantly so its necessary to stay updated on the same to keep protecting your company and its employees. Here is where we can help, as we abide by all the HR laws and regulations and have timely audits to ensure you remain risk and worry free. HR Auditing helps us identify the HR flaws if any and then make an action plan to keep your practices upto date with the fluctuating laws and regulations.

At HRTailor, we make sure that you don’t have to pay those hefty penalties through our HR Audits. What’s more is that we provide a complete HR setup suitable and reliable for your business so that once you join hands with HRTailor, you can focus on other aspects of your business since your HR is in good hands.

Advantages of HR Audit & Set-up

Ensures your internal practices are in check with the current HR laws and regulations.

Make certain that you don’t pay huge penalties if there are sudden checks.

Employees feel safer and important to work in a compliant business environment.

HR setup which is completely suited to your business and takes care of everything.

We take care of everything related to the employees so they do not feel left out.

We keep your company in check so that you don’t have to and both your company and its employees are out of harm’s way.

How HR Audit & Setup works?

HR Audit is like your regular audits. At HRTailor, we just make sure that your company and its employees are well protected by keeping the internal practices in check according to the HR laws and acts. 

What's Included in HR Audit & Set-up?

  • 25+ HR Policies

    Every business is unique in its own way that is why here at HRTailor, we give you the liberty to customize from a range of 25+ HR policies that your company needs. Customize and we will create. 

  • 25+ HR Letters

    HRTailor also lets you customize from a range of 25+ letters which you think you need for your business. We like to do everything according to your will, so customize and we will tailor to your needs. 

  • Compliant Structure

    One of the ways how we keep your internal practices in check is by providing a compliant structure which abides by all the laws and regulations be it state or national, we follow them all ensuring a tension free environment to work. 

  • HR Portal

    Since digital is the new way, the HRTailor portal is a perfect transition from manual to digital as the portal includes everything from attendance to documents, queries, expenses and everything in between.