HR Advice for Employees​

HR Advice for Employees

₹999 -50%
M.R.P.: ₹1,499
Excluding GST



M.R.P.: ₹1,499.00
Excluding GST
All Inclusive*

7 Days Delivery by a Dedicated Online HR Manager

Are you facing any Issues with HR and not sure what actions can you take or how to reply to the HR? HRTailor’s HR Advice for Employees is the right solution for you. We have been providing HR Advice for Employees since long time and have helped more than 1000+ Individual Employees by providing a right solution. We can help the Employees by providing HR Advice for Employees which will include getting advice on any labor law related problem, HR Related problems, illegal termination and claim regarding issues. We at HRTailor provide the best online HR Advice for Employees. Our HR are specialists in providing HR Advice for Employees who are experienced and have been working in the HR Industry for 10+ years, will provide you the right & beneficial HR Advice for Employees. 

HRTailor’s HR Service, helps you clear up employee doubts through a verbal communication over a scheduled Phone / Online Call. 

‘HRTailor’s HR Advice for Employees Service, helps you tackle all the HR/ Labour Law related problems. 

  1. Once you have Signed Up and purchased a Service from HRTailor Portal.   
  2. HRTailor will assign a Dedicated Account HR Manager to you for taking Service.    
  3. HRTailor Account Manager will connect with you to explain the Process and collect necessary data to perform the service.   
  4. After the Data/ Documents has been received from you, the Account HR Manager will complete the Tasks on Promised Timeline.   
  5. Once the promised services are completed, HRTailor Account Manager will close the ticket request which was raised by customer on the HR Portal. 

Dedicated HR Manager   

HRTailor will provide you with your very own HR Manager/ Advisor to complete your services. All our HR Managers are trained in HR professionals having remarkable experience. HR Manager can be available with you via Call or Email or by Portal Chat Option for HR Advice for Employees. 

2 Days Delivery

For Initiating the HR Advice for Employees, If we received all the documents from employees with immediate response then the HR Expert will connect with the employees within 2 days from the submission of documents for providing the right HR Advice for Employees. 

Trusted by 1000+ Individuals 

We are also trusted by 1000+ Individuals who has connected with us for HR Advice for Employees & Our Experts are known to provide the right solutions HR Advice for Employees for Individual who are dealing with HR Problems.

We are a team of experienced HR professionals for providing HR Advice for Employees and SMEs providing absolute HR solutions to our valuable clients. Our honesty, commitment to excellence and integrity is what makes HRTailor an expert both in the field and at client satisfaction. HRTailor is acknowledged as a respected and key provider of HR services for Employer & HR Advice for Employees on a competitive scale mostly because of strong moral values and leadership skills inculcated in the firm by the founding members.   

HRTailor is well known for providing quality HR Services, HR Expertise & HR Advice for Employees because we constantly strive to bring in new technologies, service offerings & providing HR Advice for Employees to the various Domains & be able to provide the best experience for our stakeholders and to ensure high levels of satisfaction, efficiency as well as productivity to fulfil our mission of ‘HR for All’. 

How it works?

Step 1

Customer Signs up and buys the required Service.

Step 2

HRTailor Advisor connects with customer HRTailor Dashboard & starts service for customers.

Step 3

HRTailor Advisor works with the customer to deliver the required services.

Step 1

Customer Signs up and buys the required Service.

Step 2

HRTailor Advisor connects with customer HRTailor Dashboard & starts service for customers.

Step 3

HRTailor Advisor works with the customer to deliver the required services.

Our Guarantee

The work we do for you is always supervised by our HRTailor Specialist. The charges you see, is what you Pay. No secret charges ever.

Still don't believe us, Try it out yourself

HRTailor is a leading HR Services Company in India proving the best Online HR Services. With more than 150+ SME’s and Startup Companies trusting HRTailor as their HR Partner. 

HRTailor is successfully operating HR Operations of our clients Pan India, Providing them the Best-in Class Online HR Services. 

We have a dedicated team of professionals who offer timely Online HR services to all your HR related problems. Our team is responsible for developing long-term relationships with our clients which enables them to benefit from our expertise.


HR Advisory service providers aim to deliver effective solutions to HR department of hiring companies.

HR Advisor identifies common duties and responsibilities in HR management and gives them the right HR advice.HR Advisors typically work on HR teams to improve relations between employees and management. 

 The HR generalist’s role is similar to that of an advisor, but they may be assigned to ‘lower-priority’ tasks than the advisor themselves.